Motion Tour 3 / Yann Hnatura & Laurent Piemontesi

Beograd, Zagreb, Ljubljana

Yann Hnautra
Laurent Piemontesi
Bogdan Cvetković
Mirko Svrabić
Saša Ševo

Camera and edit:

Motion Tour has the same goal. It showed people how strong parkour discipline is, and how great is the strength in us, and between us. Our mission was to connect people. People of different age, different experience, different aspirations. To join them in a common goal, to train, to socialize, to have fun, to travel, to share the energy and the spirit of movement. To learn from one another, and to teach each other. It was also an opportunity to meet and train with some of the parkour pioneers, the Yamakasis. LAURENT PIEMONTESI, a Yamakasi and a co-founder of Art Du Deplacement

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