Smash Monday – Cossack Squat

COSSACK SQUAT     The Cossack Squat is a form of a mobility where you [...]

1 Hour 1 Bar

One HOUR, One Bar   Imagine walking for an hour. Easy, isn’t it? We do [...]


Australian Widefarer

Mannum Adventure   Winter 2015, South Australia Adventure is when the Unexpected throws you off [...]

Smash Monday – Press to Handstand

PRESS TO HANDSTAND   Press To Handstand Pressing up to a handstand is a pretty [...]

Smash Monday – Core Training

SMASH MONDAY – Core training   When it comes to core training, that is something [...]

Smash Monday – Single Leg Squat

Smash Monday – Single Leg Squat  When it comes to training for the SLS, box [...]

Smash Monday Challenge ONE

SMASH MONDAY CHALLENGE 1      The challenge has 3 main exercises: The Muscle up, [...]

We Are Not Gymnastics

#WEARENOTGYMNASTICS  This isn’t about keeping art du deplacement and parkour the same, or about it [...]

A Monumental Tour. Part 9: Knin

Part nine of our epic trip across Former Yugoslavia. Catch up here: part one, two, three, four, [...]