Where Should I start?

A question we all ask ourselves when we want to start with bodyweight strength training. In this topic we are going to address 4 movement patterns that should get the most attention and exercise selection that will help you create your own UPPER BODY training routine. Vertical PUSH/PULL Horizontal PUSH/PULL .

With a lot of exercises for you to choose out there you usually spend a lot of time trying to figure out which one you should put in your workout routine. To make things simple we are only going to look at basic compound exercises (exercises that target more the 1 major muscle group at a time) like the – Chin Up, Handstand Push Up, Dip. Horizontal Row and Horizontal Push Up. .

Why these specific exercises? These exercises give the best overall strength gains over short period of time. If you find these basics to be easy you can always work towards more challenging things like the – OAC, Full ROM HSPU, Planche Push Up, Front Lever Row. They all fall in the same movement category as the previously listed exercises.

Why should I care about movement patterns? Categorizing the exercises in terms of their movement pattern will help you stay injury free and plan a more balanced workout program. For example, setting up an upper body workout by combining 1 Vertical Push and 1 Vertical Pull and 1 Horizontal Push and 1 Horizontal Pull exercise. .

By doing this you are preventing any common training injuries and imbalances you could have caused with the bad exercise selection. If you are “pushing” more then you are “pulling” eventually your shoulders will give up. I have been there myself in the past years and it’s not such a good place to be. Example – if you are doing 5 sets 8 reps of Push Ups, balance it out with 5 sets of 8 reps of Horizontal Rows. .

Challange by: Petar Smash, personal coach. Instagram: @smash_training Facebook: @smashtrain

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