The ShortsX

THE SHORTSX From ancient history to modern day – biography of a shorts Back in [...]

Parkour Rail Balance Marathon for Mental Health

#RailMarathon Rail balance marathon for mental health is a project organized by David Banks, from [...]

Skochy Parkour Challenge | Build your floor

Build Your Floor This challenge is a mixture of ’A to B’ and ’Floor is [...]

Skochy Parkour Challenge | Table Routine

Parkour Table Routine Table Routine is made of two simple movements that are repeated. Your [...]

Skochy Challenge | Chair

#SkochyChallenge – Chair Hopefully this challenge meets you at your home. Together with our @SmashTraining crew we’ve [...]

Why wool?

So, why wool?  Sheep are domesticated animals for the goods they provide – milk, meat, [...]

Smash Monday | Climb Up Variations

#SmashMonday – Climb Up Variations In this episode we will talk about climb ups, it’s [...]

Skochy Challenge | Yugo Jump

#SkochyChallenge – Yugo Jump Yugo Jump, a challenge that actually has a lot of practical [...]

Smash Monday | Is barefoot Parkour training a good idea?

#SmashMonday – Is barefoot Parkour training a good idea? We finished the last video with [...]